An intensive bootcamp of four practical, action-packed stages to create your marketing manual and grow your business.

In this unique bootcamp, three experts in marketing strategy, digital marketing and performance coaching will mentor you to kicksta your marketing with a BANG!

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delivered in person by Dan Ince and Lenka Koppova in Cambridge

with expert coaching from Thora Rain of The Helpful Clinic

You'll create a customised marketing manual for your business using reusable practical tools and templates to make your business the go-to place for the customers you want.

Lenka Koppova

Social Media Consultant

Dan Ince

Marketing Strategy Mentor

Thora Rain

High-Performance Coach

During this marketing bootcamp:

You will identify what makes your business unique, develop your tailor-made marketing strategy and execute it for real results.

You will benefit from performance coaching and mentor support throughout the programme to keep you on track to develop and deliver your plans. 

You will get practical tools and tactics to deliver effective digital marketing campaigns to capture attention of your target audience.

You will benefit from our unique combination of marketing strategy, digital marketing and performance coaching to ensure you develop and execute plans that drive growth.

Bootcamp Dates



October 31st, 2017

at CambridgeSpace



November 21st, 2017

at CambridgeSpace



December 12th, 2017

at CambridgeSpace



Januay 23rd, 2018

at CambridgeSpace

Is this what you need?

Do you own a small to medium-sized business? Are you ambitious, but lack the confidence, expertise or time to develop effective marketing? Do you want to grow your business? The Small Business Marketing Bootcamp has been specifically designed for you!

What you'll learn:

What you'll get:

Why effective marketing is vital if you want to grow your business.

How to connect more easily with potential customers.

How to develop your own tailor made marketing strategy and execute plans that get real results.

How to outshine the competition so your business is the only one customers want to buy from.

How to develop your confidence to overcome obstacles and succeed.

An intensive bootcamp of four practical, action-packed stages to create your marketing manual and grow your business.

Expert mentor support throughout the programme to keep you on track in developing and delivering your plans.

Reusable practical tools and templates to make your business the go-to place for the customers you want.

Individually, these elements would cost £2,500, but we’ve combined them to provide greater benefit for you and your business for just £895.

And if you get in quick, you can get the full bootcamp for our Super Early Bird price of just £495!

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Do you have any questions?

We know that joining the Small Business Marketing Bootcamp is a big commitment, and we're here to answer all your questions before you make the final decision!

We don’t do theory!

You’ll learn effective techniques and apply them directly to your business so you get results from the very first stage.

You'll leave each stage with practical clear actions to take to develop your marketing.

By the final stage, you’ll already have put your marketing activities into action and begun to see real results!

The Small Business Marketing Bootcamp builds in four stages:

Identify your Purpose

Understand your personal and business ambitions including your business positioning, competitors, customers and your Why. Start drafting your marketing manual and map what you need to learn, create and develop. 

Develop your Strategy

Learn how to make the choices that define your business growth strategy and what that actually means. Start flexing your marketing muscles and how to deliver your best performance within the demands of running your business.

Create your Plan

Create your marketing activity plan. Test and master tools like social media schedulers as well as planning and copy tactics that work for you. Importantly you’ll also learn how to get yourself back on track when personal or business demands derail you. 

Lessons Learned

Bring in that 20/20 hindsight and review your results and experience. You’ll spot your challenges and learn to keep action plans agile and on target. Most importantly you will learn what worked and how you can maximise that for you and your business.

The team

Lenka Koppova a freelance Social Media Consultant working with small business, social entreprises and startups, helping them to grow their businesses using social media the most efficient way especially for brand awareness, community building and customer service. She also spends a lot of time educating small business owners about digital marketing and business development.

Dan Ince helps ambitious SMEs grow through developing smarter brand strategy and executing effective marketing activity. With 20 years’ experience leading the development and execution of brand growth strategies for Heinz, Mr Kipling, Ambrosia, Jordans and Dorset Cereals, Dan combines his wealth of experience and a pragmatic, hands-on approach to deliver tangible commercial results for businesses.

Thora Rain is a High Performance Coach working with entrepreneurs and management teams to upskill and ensure that the best performance is delivered without risking collateral damage to health. Specialising in working with pain and lack of energy and with 5000+ clinical hours under their belt, Thora knows the fundamentals of consistent and sustained High Performance.

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